Sunday, December 7, 2008

Inverted Freeskier on Twin Tips - Handlpant Trick

Picture of Skier doing Handplant Trick in Terrain Park
DSC_1872, originally uploaded by tack061.

It's not uncommon to see snowboarders pulling handplants at the top of the halfpipe but you don't see skiers doing handplants nearly as often.

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Dan said...

I agree, you don't see skiers doing handplant's much, that looks sick.


it is a great skill

Ted said...

This is an excellent thing. Thanks for sharing your sweet moment on Snowboarding. Its an excellent sport.

Adamina said...

Nice Post Very Nice Image

socialblog said...

Hey, I'm trying to find your contact info on the site but cant! You should really checkout and start monetizing the photos. I'd like to know where the ski's, and jackets etc come from!