Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Martin Schlienger Method To Fakie

Method To Fakie, originally uploaded by elements_rider.

Snowboarder Martin Schlienger method to fakie big air.

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Rene Schnoller Pivot to Fakie

pivot To fakie, originally uploaded by

Snowboarder Rene Schnöller on the BIG 3 thing in Sölden.

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Jeroen Smallegange Blunt to Fakie

Blunt to fakie, originally uploaded by PP de Meijer.

Snowboard rider jeroen smallegange pulls a Blunt to Fakie. I've got my fingers crossed that I'm getting the terminology right. I'm a skiier myself but I love snowboard photography just as much as ski photography. Hopefully you one plankers will forgive my ignorance if I make some mistakes. Or even better, post a comment to correct me if I get myself in trouble. Maybe I'll even learn something!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

WSSF Snowboard Half Pipe Air

WSSF half pipe, originally uploaded by Yo, its Kirb bizzle.

Bright yellow snowboard rider catches big air of the half pipe at a contest on Whistler Mountain.

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Burton Snowboards Founder Jake Burton

jake burton bajando, originally uploaded by fitophoto.

Jake Burton Carpenter is an American snowboarder and cofounder along with Nate Brott of Burton Snowboards. He grew up in Cedarhurst, New York.

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